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It would not be wrong to say that Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice was one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Taking inspiration from the movie, we have developed this amazing masterpiece named as Dawn of Justice Jacket. The best thing about this leather jacket is the logo that it has on the chest. Where else can you find Superman and Batman logos together in single attire? Not only this, but it is also very much elegant and stylish to wear. So, are you ready to feel what it takes to be a superhero?

Product Specifications:

  • “S” and “Batman” combined logo on the chest
  • Padding design on the shoulder
  • Zipped cuffs
  • Zipper at the front for closure
  • Erect collar
  • Stunning black color
  • Red colored “S” logo

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7 reviews for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Jacket

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you super leather shop for such a marvelous leather jacket. I just received my parcel. At first I was worried that what if I would not get the product as shown in the picture. But I must say that you guys have done a good job. Excellent product, good quality, and it really is worth the price I must say.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Got my Batman Vs Superman jacket delivered a while ago!!!! I am superrrrr excited! I must say you guys have really kept your words, the jacket is indeed high quality and it looks super awesome! I think it would be hard for me now to take it off, I feel like wearing it to every where I go! Awesome product once again!

  3. 4 out of 5


    I wanted to get my hands on this dawn of justice jacket as soon as I saw it! Wore it to a cosplay party last night and the praise and admiration I got made me write to you guys! I would not lie, this jacket is way beyond from what I expected from an online store. You guys are the best!

  4. 4 out of 5


    Oh my God! This jacket is superr doperly amazing! I am a huge fan of Superman and Batman since my childhood. Although I have grown up now, but still this superman and batman fever isn’t going away. This jacket is one of the finest leather jackets that I have ever purchased. It`s looking really trendy with a pair of blue jeans. I think I will be carrying it as my fashion statement.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Got the jacket right on time just as committed. I must say that you guys are really good when it comes keeping your words. Good quality product, way better than the order I got delivered from another online store. The best thing about this jacket is the fine quality detailing that it has, it really shows that you guys do not compromise on the quality of the product. Would certainly be shopping through your website again.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Man! This batman v superman jacket is one of the best purchases that I have ever made online! Being a DC fan this is not less than a dream come true! Really really really impressed with the quality and the finishing. I have purchased leather jacket online once before as well, but you guys have really set the standards high! Cheers to the team! Thanks for such a wonderful product

  7. 5 out of 5


    boom! marvelous production

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SizeJacket ChestSuitable for Person With Chest SizeShoulderSleeves
XSmall (XS)42″ (107cm)36″ – 38″ (92cm – 97cm)18″ (46cm)25.5″ (65cm)
Small (S)44″ (112cm)38″ – 40″ (97cm – 102cm)18.5″ (47cm)26″ (66cm)
Medium (M)46″ (117cm)40″ – 42″ (102cm – 107cm)19″ (49cm)26.5″ (67.5cm)
Large (L)48″ (122cm)42″ – 44″ (107cm – 112cm)19.5″ (49cm)27″ (68.5cm)
XLarge (XL)52″ (132cm)45″- 48″ (114cm – 122cm)21″ (54.5cm)27.5″ (70cm)
XXLarge (XXL, 2XL)54″ (137cm)48″ – 50″ (122cm – 127cm)22″ (56cm)28″ (71.5cm)
XXXLarge (XXXL, 3XL)56″ (142cm)50″ – 52″ (127cm – 132cm)23″ (58.5cm)28.5″ (72.5cm)

If your size does not match with above chart, please email us at:

Women’s Size Chart

How to measure?

We are pleased to inform that you find all standard sizes and more on our website. Our size chart provides a proper guideline to you for finding exact size. Our jackets are available in particular sizes having a comfortable fitting and give an appealing look.

We have a range of sizes: XS to XL. Bust Sizes Variations Available Are: 37″ inches to 44″ inches.


SizeCategoryBody BustJacket BustWaistHipsSleevesShoulders
XSmall (XS)A29″ (74cm)33″ (84cm)27″ (69cm)34″ (86cm)23.5″ (60cm)13″ (33cm)
B30″ (76cm)34″ (86cm)28″ (71cm)35″ (89cm)24″ (61cm)14.5″ (37cm)
Small (S)A31″ (79cm)35″ (90cm)29″ (74cm)36″ (92cm)23.75″ (60cm)14.75″ (38cm)
B32″ (81cm)36″ (92cm)30″ (76cm)37″ (94cm)24.25″ (62cm)15″ (38cm)
Meduim (M)A33″ (84cm)37″ (94cm)31″ (79cm)38″ (97cm)24″ (61cm)15.25″ (39cm)
B34″ (86cm)38″ (97cm)32″ (81cm)39″ (99cm)24.5” (62cm)15.5” (39cm)
Large (L)A35″ (89cm)39″ (99cm)33″ (84cm)40″ (102cm)24.25″ (61.5cm)15.75″ (40cm)
B36″ (91cm)40″ (102cm)34″ (86cm)41″ (105cm)24.75″ (63cm)16″ (41cm)
XLarge (XL)A37″ (94cm)41″ (104cm)35″ (89cm)42″ (107cm)24.5″ (62cm)16.25″ (41cm)
B38″ (96.5cm)42″ (107cm)36″ (91cm)43″ (109cm)25″ (63.5cm)16.5″ (42cm)
XXLarge (XXL, 2XL)A39″ (99cm)43″ (109cm)37″ (94cm)44″ (112cm)24.75″ (63cm)16.75″ (42.5cm)
B40″ (102cm)44″ (118cm)38″ (96.5cm)45″ (114cm)25.25″ (64cm)17.25″ (44cm)
XXXLarge (XXXL, 3XL)A41″ (104cm)45″ (114cm)39″ (99cm)46″ (117cm)25″ (63.5cm)17.5″ (44.5cm)
B42″ (107cm)46″ (117cm)40″ (102cm)47″ (119cm)25.5″ (65cm)17″ (43cm)

If your size does not match with above chart, please email us at: