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Marlon Brando Brown Distressed Motorcycle Armored Jacket

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Leather jackets have been the most preferred choice for men when it comes to wearing an attire that supplements their dashing personality along with making them look tough. Men especially bikers are so fond of leather jackets that they make it a part of their costume. This distressed look leather jacket is inspired by Marlon Brando and is a perfect attire for your rough and adventurous bike rides. Not only it is extremely trendy and comfortable to wear, it also is perfect as your protective gear. Your bike rides are incomplete without having this jacket on.

Product Specifications:

  • Twin collar with buttons for styling
  • Zipper at the front for closing
  • Pockets at the front, with zipper and button
  • Buckle around waistline
  • Straps on the shoulder for styling
  • Zipped cuffs
  • Straps around waist
  • Distressed look
  • Comfortable and stylish to wear

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2 reviews for Marlon Brando Brown Distressed Motorcycle Armored Jacket

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